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Thank you for visiting my soap kitchen. Come on in and learn about how I make my soap with care, one batch at a time. I carefully blend fresh natural ingredients to make my gentle, moisturizing soap. Mainly I use olive oil, but also I add lots of luxurious oils like avocado, Shea butter, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, and castor oil. Try a bar today. My customers tell me that their skin feels totally different after bathing with Plum Nelly Soap. They have no flakiness and no longer need to use lotion.

Plum Nelly soaps make great unique Christmas gifts especially the Holiday Scents like Candy Cane Peppermint, Chocolate Fudge, Christmas Tree, Mistletoe Kiss, Sleigh Ride and Pumpkin Spice.

Now selling Crab Pot Christmas Trees online and at the Waxhaw Antique Mart!

Did you know your skin is your largest organ? Treat it well this winter! No chemicals or ingredients that you can't spell are in my soap. Promise.

Plum Nelly was the name of my mama and daddy’s little farm on Endhaven Lane. Mama called it Plum Nelly because it was Plum outta Charlotte and Nelly outta North Carolina. She and Daddy are gone now, and Charlotte has swallowed up little Plum Nelly, so while it is still Nelly it is no longer Plum. Since Waxhaw is still Plum outta Charlotte and Nelly outta North Carolina, I kept the name in honor of my parents’ little farm.Plum Nelly Handmade Soap Store

Plum Nelly's products include Garden & Orchard Soaps, Seasonal & Holiday Soaps, Herbal Soaps, Specialty Soaps, Soaps & Shaving Products For Men, Totally Organic Soaps, Lip Balm, Lotion Bars, Shampoo Bars, Scrubs, Milk Bath, and Soap Dishes. All of our products are made by hand and are designed to bring you comfort and love. And they make great Christmas gifts!

Please browse our Online Store which has descriptions of all of our products and pictures of some.Waxhaw Antique Mart

Plum Nelly Handmade Soap is also available at Booth #155 at the Waxhaw Antique Mart in beautiful, historic downtown Waxhaw, North Carolina!

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La Leche League

Since I am a registered nurse, La Leche League Leader and board certified lactation consultant, I give a ten percent discount to all accredited La Leche League Leaders!

La Leche Logo For more information about the La Leche League and the benefits of natural breast feeding, visit the La Leche League web site or the La Leche League of North Carolina web site.

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